The Digital World is a busy place. Do you have a strategic plan in place with the tactics to back it up? Most online efforts don’t meet expectations.  


The online world consists of many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SEO marketing, YouTube, Tik Tok and websites to name a few. As a small business or non-profit, you don’t have the time, energy, expertise (or frankly, the money) to invest in huge, digital marketing campaigns. However, you know that your customers (and potential customers) are using effective online marketing.

What do you do? Often enough, the answer is to just “get on Facebook” – but without strong research, strategies or follow through, most online efforts produce virtually nothing and end up going nowhere!

At Clark Dog Media, Inc. we leverage your business story to build a strategy and execute tactics that provide awareness, stay in communication, continue to be relevant and have defined, solid staying power for both the present and the future.

See the Difference

The images you use on social media have to be memorable and eye-catching with a message that is clear, compelling and informative. We will help you come with your own consistent branding through the use of digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SEO marketing, videos, web sites or even YouTube.

Meet Your Customers

Social Media platforms are on 24/7. You can’t predict when a restless night has your customer up at 3:00 am, scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter feed. In the current climate, a lot of people are trying to adapt and this means that things are constantly changing. Clark Dog knows this and leverages it with consistent, thoughtful, time-sensitive content. We do the research on the best times to communicate on your platforms so that you see results.

Use Smart Media

Let’s face it, lots of social media can come across as irrelevant, boring and just part of the noise. In order to stand out, you need to be clever. At Clark Dog Media, Inc. that process begins with getting to know you and your business. What sets you apart? What are your goals? What is your business story and what is the best way to tell it? You may think that your industry is run of the mill, but YOU ARE NOT, and we work to get your unique brand across.

Find Your People

Getting noticed in today’s online world is hard and it can easily seem insurmountable. Our strategy is put to good use by ensuring that you aren’t just posting into the void. Instead, we are targeting your posts and images to specific audiences with specific messages. This way you are more likely to get noticed and build trust with your customers.


We can help you get headed in the right direction.

Bark at us: 630-547-3003

What We Offer

We don’t come in with a set package. Rather, we use a customized approach with each client. We sit down and actually work to understand your story and how to best share it. Our main goal and priority is to fully connect with your customers so that they can connect with you.  

We do not offer a boilerplate or plug-and-play solution. At Clark Dog Media, Inc. we use a variety of online platforms that are dedicated to crafting an approach to your online presence that makes sense and really works to meet you where you are now and where you want to go in the near future.

Is it best to be on Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? We can help you answer those questions and craft a plan that makes sense and fits your business (and your budget). Believe it or not, not every single business will gain traction on every single platform.

We aren’t using a formula. This is not an “ad” or just a “boost” – this is thoughtful, well-timed, consistent relationship building with customers. This also means that we offer different media packages such as B to B packages, B to C packages andNonprofit Packages. They will include useful tools such as (but not limited to) YouTube overhaul, video editing assistance, landing pages, targeted ads/posts and on-site content gathering –  all specifically branded and tailored to your business.

The bottom line is, we can develop a strategy and employ tactics that will reach potential customers and connect with existing customers for the long term.

Our Clients

We work with businesses or nonprofits around the United States. Here is a list of some of our wonderful clients:

Animal Rescue Kommunity Advanced Sport and Wellness  Budget Blinds: North Peoria Budget Blinds: Wheaton/Lombard & Schaumburg  Buzzkill Mosquito Solutions BTB Logistics Rackmasters BBQ  Deonna Caruso Photography Electro Retro Band  Glen Ellyn Living Green Light Construction Group  The Law Offices of Joyce B. Bartizal Clearview Sales Victor Paulus, My Home Dream Team Fox Valley Dental Naperville Bites & Sites  Non The Movement NoNo’s Cafe Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions Organize by Designe ProjectHELP Dupage  Neighborhood Automotive  ReMax Real Estate Team: Gates Loth Gina Consulting ChemWise Pest Control Schultz Supply