The Online World is a busy place.
Stand out, tell your story, get results. 

As a small business or non-profit, you don’t have the time, energy or expertise (or frankly, the money) to invest in huge social media campaigns. But you know your customers (and potential customers) are on social media, so what to do?

Often the answer is “just get on Facebook”  – but without strong research and strategy most online efforts produce virtually nothing.

At Clark Dog Media, we leverage your business story to build awareness and emotional connection with customers. 

See the Difference

The images you use on social media have to be memorable and eye-catching and then you need to match those images with compelling words (not too many) that get to the heart of your message quickly.

Meet Your Customers

Social Media platforms are on 24/7. You can’t predict when a restless night has your customer up at 3am scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter feed.

Clark Dog knows this and leverages it with consistent, thoughtful, time-sensitive content.

Use Smart Media

Let’s face it, lots of social media is “dumb” – irrelevant, boring, and just part of the noise.

To stand out you need to be smart and at Clark Dog Media that process begins with research, starting with getting to know you and your business. What sets you apart? What are your goals? What is your business story and what is the best way to tell it?

Find Your People

Let’s face it, getting noticed in today’s online world is hard. At Clark Dog we use aren’t just posting ‘into the void’ but instead we are targeting your posts and images to specific audiences with specific messages. This way you are more likely to get noticed and build trust with your customers.

We are Your Brand’s Best Friend

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What We Do

We don’t come in with a set package but rather we use a customized approach with each client, learning your story and how to best share it so we can break through and connect with your customers.

We do not offer a boilerplate or plug-and-play solution. At Clark Dog Media we are dedicated to crafting an approach to social media and your online presence that makes sense and really works to meet your goals.

The first step is to sit down and find out about you, about your business, and about your customers. Then we put together a social media plan, recommending the right channels and content strategy for those channels.

Is it best to be on Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? We can help you answer those questions and craft a plan that makes sense and fits your business (and your budget).

We aren’t using a formula. This is not an “ad” or just a “boost” – this is thoughtful, well-timed, consistent relationship building with customers.

Bottom line, we can develop a strategy that can reach potential customers and connect with existing customers.

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  • Promotional Campaigns



We work with small to medium sized businesses or nonprofits throughout the Chicago area, helping them tell their story online.

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