We specialize in offering digital marketing services designed to build awareness and customer connection to small businesses. What that means, simply put, is that we start with development of a strategy and use that to inform which tactics we will use. The tactics may consist of email campaigns, blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram. What is your digital strategy? What’s your core messaging? Who is your target audience and brand? What is YOUR unique offering and communication to your clients? These are all questions we will help you answer. In order to drive your revenue up and over the top, the overall message is what’s important. What makes you different? Even if you don’t feel that your industry is unique, YOU ARE. We understand that results are what matter. At Clark Dog Media, Inc. we use social media platforms as business tools, tracking performance of individual campaigns and adjusting course when needed.



The Team

Terri Nystrom, Founder

Terri brings a unique combination of corporate sales and marketing experience coupled with her own history of small business ownership.

Her corporate career included responsibility for a $150 million dollar sales organization. After leaving corporate life, she became the owner of a local franchise operation. Not only did she manage the day-to-day operations of the business she also built the customer base from zero to thriving.

Bottom line, Terri understands sales and she knows how to build and market new products. Hiring Terri is a bit like hiring a VP of Sales and Marketing and a Business Consultant all rolled into one. She gets it and she understands that to help you she needs to first understand you, your business, your goals, and the market.

Led by experience, informed by research, and driven to serve, Terri Nystrom is a powerhouse.

Contact: terri@clarkdogmedia.com


Katie McClatchey, Vice President of Operations

Katie has experience in a variety of different arenas, which has aided her immensely in bringing a dynamic, creative perspective to her work at Clark Dog Media, Inc. Not only is she an experienced performance educator, actor and director, but she has also worked in many different fields in the Chicagoland area such as PR, sales, hospitality and logistics. She relocated to Illinois from Oregon where she studied Theatre and Journalism at the University of Oregon. She feels extremely excited to have found her place and her voice at Clark Dog Media, Inc. She loves putting her skills and perspective to good use for her clients as well as going out into the field. There is nothing she loves more than a great, thoughtful conversation. Getting to know clients is probably her favorite part of the job (besides hanging out with Clark, of course.) In her spare time, she loves to read, travel and be around animals. 

CONTACT: info3@clarkdogmedia.com

Clark, Chairman of the Board

Our namesake, Clark, was a rescue dog. How he and Terri met is a story that deserves telling.

Terri was looking for a dog. She went through hundreds of photos of available dogs but kept coming back to Clark. He wasn’t at all what she was looking for but doggonit (pun totally intended!) she just couldn’t get him out of her mind. Something about him was just right.

The connection to Clark Dog Media is this – something about Clark stood out, something about his unique personality. This is what we do for our clients – create compelling images coupled with clear calls to action that communicate your unique story to potential customers. Those messages can reach potential customers at any time; after all, you never know when someone is ready to fall in love.